Pick Pay Drive is a Car Rental Company based in North Eleuthera. Our goal is to provide affordable and comfortable vehicles that will suit the needs of our customers. We are conveniently located in North Eleuthera, close to the airport and near the docks for both Spanish Wells & Eleuthera. We offer pick-up FREE from N Eleuthera airport, Three Island Dock (the water taxis arrive from Harbour Island) and Gene’s Bay Dock (where water taxis arrive from Spanish Well), and optional upgrades to suit your needs, including car seats and wifi hot spots. We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful island of Eleuthera.

To confirm your booking, you must pay the security deposit via our PayPal address (ppd242@hotmail.com) or you can reach out to the company via email for a Credit Card Authorization Form.

Why to Choose Pick Pay Drive Car Rentals